Doughnut Shops don’t want you to know this Woman’s Secret!

November 23, 2015
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Mina may look like your average elementary school teacher, but in the past week she’s galvanized the entire pastry industry into a rage.

Recently she discovered that instead of buying doughnuts she could take Betty Crocker cake frosting and spread it on bagels for a delicious treat. This discovery occurred when one day, instead of buying doughnuts Mina took Betty Crocker cake frosting and spread it across a bagel for a delicious treat. She recalls tasting it for the first time, “It was like I was eating a doughnut but really it was a bagel.” Simply magical!

We recently gave real people the frosted bagels and got their impressions. Here’s what they had to say!

“Delicious!” Maggie

“Wow, so cute!” Dana

“Is this the new Taco Bell breakfast thing?” Monica

“It seems so easy to make, I’ll have to make these at home!” Eric

“I prefer Pepsi to Coke.” Jeff

“I think I need a chaser.” Sara

“The Pink Lemonade one matches my outfit!” Denise

“I’ve had soda for breakfast before so I can’t judge…” Wilma

“You’d better hid that free sample plate from me! Hehehe!” Lars

“It tastes like sugar on bread.” Gustaf

“These will be so fun to make! I will be the talk of the town at the next pot luck with them.” Barbara

“I like it.” Maxine

“… I put the soda in my cereal and ate it instead of milk. It isn’t who I want to be, but it’s the person I am. I’m at peace with that…” Wilma

“The Oreo one was my favorite!” Dinesh

“Perfect for Sunday afternoon football with the fellas.” Kareem

“So delish!” Anderson

“…I didn’t have any clean spoons. Rather than wash one, I used my face to eat from the bowl. My kids walked in on me and saw me as I was. Tired. Voracious. Wetting my face in breakfast. I feel that past versions of me would have been disgraced or humiliated. I feel that some part of me should want to change. But nothing compels me to stop. No, nothing compels me to stop. It’s like a mantra that beats with each pump of my heart. Nothing compels me to stop, so I plunge myself into sugar, and I continue…” Wilma

“Oh the different colors are so cute!” Sofia