Orange Stripe: Clickbait without the ads!

Orange Stripe was a satirical news site in the same vein as The Onion and Clickhole, committed to providing high quality clickbait and other content that could be classified as news by sensationalist and gonzo journalism standards.

We worked tirelessly to call ourselves an alternative news source amid the hundreds of self labeled alternative news sources out there today. What separated us from the pack? With Orange Stripe, you got the Orange Stripe guarantee that all of our news is news that is content. We even put the promise on our front page!

We published articles every Monday in an attempt to restore meaning to the weekday life. Why Monday? It used to be Monday and Thursday but Thursday eloped to France with her long term boyfriend and we understand, it’s something she needed to do in her life and we wish her the best in the next stage of her relationship. From all of us here at Orange Stripe, we love you Thursday! We hope you’re doing great and can’t wait to talk soon. And to you, our reader, welcome to the site!


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