Introducing New Sylvia Plath Action Figures!

March 30, 2017
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Now you can continue the excitement of poetry outside the page with these highly detailed Sylvia Plath action figures! Plath was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet and fiction writer whose work dealing with mental illness, suicide, and the female experience left a lasting impression on American life and literature. And now she supplies hours of fun for the whole family!

These figures are made from the highest quality materials and perfect for communicating the difficulty of a woman achieving multiple dreams in the 1960s such as: gaining economic freedom through a successful career, having children, and becoming a famous artist. Often women could only pursue one and struggled to break into the spaces dominated by men. Add in mental illness and you’ve got a perfect conversation starter for your child’s next birthday, graduation, or bat mitzvah.

Relive your favorite Plath moments such as:

Crying in different places.
Plath on shelf

Learning she’ll be put through electroshock and insulin shock therapy without anesthesia.
Plath and Doctor-001

Hiding under a bed.
Plath bed 1

Naps all day! Yay depression!
Plath naps

That time she looked out of a window and suffered from depression.
Plath window

For a limited time, these figurines come with a special bee box in a nod to her poem about mental illness “The Arrival of the Bee Box.” The poem’s metaphor compares her state of mind to a swarm of bees, as though every thought she has is a bee crawling and buzzing unendingly in her skull; she can’t concentrate; and the sheer volume of all of the bees is overwhelming, unbearable, and suffocating; all she wants to do is open up her head and let them out. (Perfect for ages 5+.)
Plath bee box