The top 6 Norman Rockwell paintings guaranteed to turn any girl on

April 10, 2017
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During his 47 years illustrating covers the Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell established his artistic reputation by capturing various facets of American life and bringing them to light for people who might not have noticed.  The power of his paintings, however, are not limited to their ability to tell a story with just one scene.  They can also incite action within their viewers. Particularly with sex drive. Local pick-up artist, Nate Wilson, raves about Rockwell’s works, saying, “They’re my good luck charms. Chicks go crazy when they see a Norman Rockwell so that’s why I always put one over my bed. Total panty dropper.”  Wilson has displayed over 170 Rockwell paintings during his career as a full time ladies’ man and has generously compiled a list of the top six paintings for turning any girl on, below.

Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving1) What better way to signal the feast of carnal delights you’re about to indulge in than this painting of Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the perfect way to let her know that no matter how seemingly in satiable her sexual appetite is, you will have for feeling tired, stuffed, satisfied, and wanting to take an afternoon nap when it’s over.

Norman Rockwell Stand up2) Let her know Freedom of Speech isn’t the only thing you’ll stand tall for.

Norman Rockwell - listening in3) Sounds like someone’s about to get laid.

Norman Rockwell cavitites4) Fill her cavities.

Norman Rockwell know how to score5) This painting simply exudes confidence, as if to reassure her and your high school football coach, “Don’t worry, I know how to score.”

Norman Rockwell self explanatory6) Self Explanatory