Inspiring: Museum displays pillows stained in flem, oil and mouth spittle

March 17, 2016
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Last night the Museum of Craft and Design released a secret that exploded over social media. It posted several photos all teasing its newest exhibit of pillows covered in varying amounts of slobber stains.

The artist Julia Maritsa explains “the idea came while meditating about the mouth. We always express ourselves using our mouth in auditory ways but never in visual ones.” Completely oblivious to the fact that people communicate via smiling, Maritsa embarked on her 8 month project experimenting with hundreds of ways to stain pillows, ultimately selecting 51 to display.

Her mastery of emotional range immediately grabs the reader’s attention and imagination, never letting up. Whether she’s guiding viewers through the somber “Cherry Blossom” or the playful “Haiku,” we follow, enraptured.

“Cherry Blossom”:


Critically acclaimed pieces in the collection include “Gentle Snow” and “Soft Rain”, which express a longing for pastoral England amidst postwar modernity.

“Gentle Snow”:

“Soft Rain”:

And the crowd favorite, an octet called “Translations”, captures the essence of falling in and out of love. We can only show two of the set for legal reasons, but if you’re like us than we know you’ll be up there this weekend to see the rest!

“Lover’s touch”

“Lover’s Quarrel”

Maritsa’s collection joins many other wonderful exhibits at the museum including “Mildly Interesting Plates from a Thousand Years Ago”, “Mildly Interesting Cups from Some Poor Country”, and “Boring Paintings of Grass”.

Please don’t ever look at your pillows without their cases on.