Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

October 31, 2016
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Still don’t have a Halloween costume? Don’t fret, Orange Stripe has got you covered! Below we’ve compiled a list of the best things to go as no matter what you have planned.

1) Passive Aggressive
Be what you are every year! For those looking for an easy, tried-and-true costume idea there’s no better option than being passive aggressive. Just role your eyes and offer back handed compliments to everyone you meet during the night. Bonus points if you never close your lips, keeping your mouth slightly ajar for the entire evening.

Passive Aggressive2

2) Syria
How terrifying is it to have your nation plunged into a civil war? Meanwhile the poor president, young in his 16-year rule of the country, has to quash democratic protests with the fervor of a dictator that has 30+ years of rule under its belt! Egad!

3) This man’s hat
It’s different and what’s scarier than things that are different?
Hat - (Bororo)

4) A foreign language
Perhaps the only thing scarier than something different is something you don’t understand. Plus, this came from foreigners. A truly chilling choice, not for the faint of heart.