Lucky Bangladeshi children land internship at Walmart sweatshop

February 6, 2017
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200 lucky Bangladeshi children just received the news of a lifetime when they learned they’ll be the next interns at a new Walmart factory, after the old one collapsed on employees.

The entire workforce will actually be composed of interns who, while working for just about nothing, will gain valuable experience about business from the industry giant. Some people are critical of this model but in a way it’s kind of like public school. Except you go there for 16 hours a day and instead of learning about a bunch of different topics you make clothes. But there’s a quota system, and that’s kind of like grades.

We spoke with a new intern, Komali, who “can’t wait to make Walmart brand clothes in my hometown, and not in the town where the building just sort of fell on a few thousand people.” When asked if she had any concerns about the rampant abuse at the factories she responded, “I am a little uneasy about the Walmart subcontractors who threatened to withhold a month of pay if workers didn’t return to their stations after cracks were discovered in the foundation and the building was evacuated. But thankfully I’m working at a different factory and this one’s very close to home. So if I’m buried in the rubble, my parents will be able to visit my grave. They wouldn’t be able to do so otherwise because the original factory was too far away and they couldn’t afford Walmart flip flops to walk there.

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