Uses for googly eyes, part 2

January 30, 2017
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Still trying to figure out what to do with your 300-pack of googly eyes? Orange Stripe has got you covered.

1) Body glitter
If you’re stripping tonight but ran out of glitter during your last performance, googly eyes make for a perfect substitute.

2) A bookmark
Never lose your page again! Now you can read The Selected Poems of Pol Pot in peace knowing you don’t need to dog ear your pages.
Googly eyes bookmark

3) Hiding your fingerprints
Let’s see the government try to steal your fingerprints now.
Googly eyes fingerprints

4) Patching holes
If you have any cracks or holes in your foundation, googly eyes are an effective way to fill them, and it costs thousands of dollars less than hiring a contractor.
Googly Eyes hole filling

5) Misdirection
Put them on your face and people will forget how bland your personality is, and instead focus on how weird you look.
Googly eyes distraction

6) Contraception
Everyone knows if you place a penny in your belly button you can’t get pregnant. Well the same is true for googly eyes. For women who find googly eyes uncomfortable in their navel, don’t fret. You can always bedazzle your jeans, which has been proven to be an effective a means of contraception for decades.
Googly eyes bedazzled pants