Uses for Googly Eyes

December 5, 2016
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1) Put them on a rock.
Now you have a friend who won’t run away, or decide to stop being your friend because you enjoy smelling peoples’ hair at the movie theater.Googly eyes rock

2) Put them on your hand.
Okay so you can still lose rocks, but if you put googly eyes on your hand you have a friend who can’t really leave you.Googly eyes hand

3) Pin things to the refrigerator.
Tape is the poor man’s refrigerator magnet. But if you run out of tape, googly eyes make a fantastic substitute to pin up notes and pictures.Googly eyes tape

4) Place them on electrical equipment like buttons.
If you take a black marker to a googly eye, within seconds you’ve got a small black button. Grab a handful of these next time you’re headed to an elevator, boiler room, or construction site and you’re bound to have a blast.Googly eyes elevator

5) Wear them as artificial nails.
Nothing says you’re ready for the junior prom like a fancy manicure, but if you’re squeezed for time you can always use googly eyes.Googly eyes nails 1

6) Write messages in braille.
Fulfill your dream of having a conversation with a blind person! With an array of these small tactile dots you can finally break the communication barrier, and for the first time in your life interact with a blind person.
googly eyes Braille

7) Make trapezoids.
If you’re looking for cute date ideas and don’t mind splurging a little, get some googly eyes and make trapezoids with your significant other. Whether it’s a special occasion or just letting her know you care, nothing turns a girl on more than trapezoids. If you’re feeling really adventurous go for the isosceles trapezoid. But be careful: looking at isosceles ones for prolonged periods of time has been linked to exploding face syndrome.Googly eyes trapezoid