Disgusting: man hasn’t change sheets for 3 weeks

June 6, 2016
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An Orange Stripe I-Team investigation has revealed area man Marc Bronson is slowly rotting away the fabric of society by not washing his bed sheets. Sources show Marc has gone at least 23 days without washing, changing, or exorcising Satan from his bed linens – a path soon to make him the most hated man in the country. Between work and night classes, he told Orange Stripe, he could go weeks without remembering to change his sheets; it’s just not a high priority for him. By time the weekend rolls around he’d be lucky enough to catch his breath if he wasn’t busy running errands or taking care of his nephew.

Well sorry, Marc, but your excuses aren’t going to work here! We know all too well how your kind of societal muck always has an reason to excuse or rationalize away their debauchery. It’s people like you, Marc, that are the reason America’s going down the tubes.

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