Michael’s microphone on mute throughout game

March 24, 2016
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During a lengthy marathon of the online tactical shooter Counter Strike, teammates discovered Michael‘s microphone was on mute throughout the majority of play. The lack of response was first believed to be due to Michael’s general ineptness at gaming and life but on three separate occasions the microphone came on and a conversation was overheard between him and his mother. Experts believe that Michael, unaware his microphone was muted, hit the mute button to quickly speak to his mother, inadvertently turning the mic on. Then when he had finished telling her where he left the rake in the garage he again pressed the mute button and returned to being a useless asset to his team. It appears each teammate came to this conclusion at different points throughout the evening but apparently no one ventured to rectify the situation seeing as it would make little change to the team’s overall performance.

This event stands in stark contrast to Michael’s previously observed behavior as he typically brings his mic to all the LANs to communicate with team members six inches away from him on the other side of the couch.


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