Non-American Brewery labels beer “America”

May 12, 2016
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Belgian-based brewing corporation Anheuser-Busch InBev kicked off it’s most patriotic year ever by announcing that all Budweiser cans will be renamed “America” during the summer of 2017. A press release on the Anheuser-Busch’s online newsroom notes, “these cans and bottles aim to inspire drinkers to celebrate America and Budweiser’s shared values of freedom and authenticity,” and what better way to celebrate American authenticity than to drink a foreign beer whose recipe traces its origins back to the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. (Budweiser is literally named after a Czech city.)

An Anheuser-Busch spokesperson assured CNN Money that the beer was American. “All Budweiser served in the U.S. is brewed in the U.S.” To deny a claim like that would be equivalent to calling Kung Pao chicken Chinese just because it originally came from China. News flash – it’s made in America so it’s American. And if you’ve got a problem with that here’s an idea – why don’t you stop hating America.

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